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Pieria is indubitably a dowered region of Greece. Litohoro is located in a distance of five kilometres from the sea, in the foot of Olympus, there where the mythical mountain rises up,  reaching in 2918 metres height.

“Palio Litohoro” is found on the edge of the village in ten minutes walking distance from the central square. Next to the hotel is found "horostasi" with old plane trees  (playground), region where the traditional feasts were taken place. Nearby is found the churches of saint “Kosmas Aitolos' and Saint “Solomoni”. 

In a distance of five minutes walking  the visitor can find himself in the entry of Enippeas gorge, point where the ascent to Olympus starts. Precisely above the hotel there is the forest of Saint Apostles with plane, oak and pine trees, while imposing is raised the summit  of "Golna" in altitude of roughly thousand metres and in a distance of one hour walking.

Discover the beauties of Olympus, the small churches or the monastery of Saint Dionysios, the shelters or graphical taverna’s,  the traditional alleys of Litohoro  or enjoy the beaches of Pieria.



Weather in Litohoro

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